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Nemesis is essentially a vendor- and community-centered darknet market that unites a number of features from its predecessors into a more refined marketplace and forum. It was completely redesigned as of early September 2022, allowing anyone to preview the full range of products available in the marketplace without setting up an account.


The forum part of Nemesis has a distinctly influential role, like the market, as users enjoy being able to participate in discussions on the updates and additions made by the administrators. In this review, we will cover the features of Nemesis and other aspects that make it stand out from the other markets. So, let’s get started!

Range of products

Nemesis is a new market with a basic design layout and buying experience. The market has only prohibited the distribution of underage adult videos. That said, almost everything is available on the market as Nemesis is running short on vendors due to its short time on the market.

Fast and secure!

Nemesis Market is a community-oriented dark web market that combines several successful features of its predecessors into a uniquely designed market/forum hybrid. Free built-in Bitcoin mixing service, finalizing early for established vendors, accepting Bitcoin and Monero, having no withdrawal fee, no deposit fee, and being walletless made this market a better option for vendors and buyers. One of the great things about Nemesis market is that they are committed to maintaining only one onion address, instead of a bunch of mirrors (like most other darknet markets). An interesting feature of Nemesis market is that they show reviews and sales of a vendor from other markets, so buyers can see if a vendor is reputable or not.

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